The islands

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Situated outside the cyclone belt, the Seychelles boasts of an equatorial tropical climate influenced by 2 monsoons. The temperature is pleasant all year round and varies between 24 and 30° C with a rate of humidity stabilising at around 80%.
With an average temperature of 30°C (whilst that of the water varies from 27°C to 29°C), the islands of Seychelles are blessed with a pleasant, warm and humid climate all year round. Furthermore, the archipelago lies outside the cyclonic zone.There are considerable periods of sunshine and rain as can be seen from the green and luxuriant vegetation on the main granitic islands . There is less rainfall on the outer coral islands. In spite of steady temperatures, there are two distinct seasons determined by the trade winds.
  • The best time of the year is during the transitory period between the two seasons: namely October and November and especially march and May.
The appearance of the sky could change completely from one side of an island to the other. Temperatures vary from 24°C to 31°C.
Tropical Summer : From October to March, the north-west monsoon blows hot and humid air, very often accompanied by heavy tropical rain. It is however, the best period for fishing and diving as marine life blooms in such weather conditions.

Tropical Winter : From April to September the air is cooler and more dry with the south-east trade winds blowing over the islands. The month of April also signifies the beginning of migration period for different species of seabirds – ideal period for ornithologists. However, the beaches on the lee-ward part of the islands are invaded by sea-weeds.
Sailing, kitesurfing and windsurfing in the Seychelles: Late May to October, generally force 3 to 6, steady winds, both night and day.

For diving in the Seychelles : All year round, but optimum visibility between the months  March to May and late September to the end of December.

Eco and walking tours in the Seychelles: Ideally choose the time of lowest humidity and cool breezes - June to October, but any period of the year is possible.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Rainfall (mm) 402.6 283.2 194.9 186.7 151.6 105.1 76.6 119.3 154.0 189.7 206.3 302.8
Temperature (°C) 26.9 27.4 27.8 28.1 27.8 26.7 26.0 26.0 26.5 26.9 26.9 26.9
Relative Humidity (%) 82 80 80 80 79 79 80 80 79 79 80 82
Predominant Wind Direction NW NW NW SW-NW SE SE SE SE SE SE SW-NW NW
Wind Speed (kts) 6.3 6.3 5.2 4.9 7.8 10.4 11.4 12.1 11.3 7.9 5.4 5.4