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Largest of this small group of islands, St Anne, was the site of the first official settlement in the Seychelles by the French. It has a diverse history and has served as a whaling station, fuel and supply depot fro World War Two and more recently it was used by the National Youth Service as part of thier training.
Swimming, diving and sailing are all allowed and a fifty rupee entrance fee is payable by all non-residents.

Sainte Anne Resort is ideally situated in the middle of a marine park, a few minutes away from Mahé. Opened in 1973, the Sainte Anne Marine National Park was one of the first national marine parks in the Indian Ocean and is now very much visited for it protects over 150 species of fish.

Typical Seychelles scenery, beaches of breathtaking beauty, gastronomic traditions and a tropical spa... Situated on this private island, Sainte Anne Resort is made up of 87 exclusive luxury villas. This unspoilt island is a dream for all nature lovers and a perfect hideaway to enjoying island privacy.