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Situated within the Ste Anne Marine National Park, Cerf is Mahe’s closest neighbour and offers excellent swimming and snorkkeing as well as memorable sunbathing on several great beaches.
A high standard of accomodation is available in two establishments currently on the island. Cerf is the only island in the marine park to have a small local population who commute to Mahe for their daily business.
Cerf, second largest island of Ste Anne group, earned its name from the frigate Cerf that visited Seychelles in 1756 to take formal possession of the island in the name of France.It reaches a summit of 106 metres dominating the habour and anchorage of Mahe for which reason it was always regarded as the most suitable island for fortification
Past sttlers of Cer earned a living in the coconut industry and notwithstanding its size, the island boasted both an Anglican an a Catholic church.
Today many residents of its small, tight knit community commute back and forth to Mahe to their respective places of employment,making the 33km trip in a matter of minutes.
Cerf is apopular picnic venue with Mahe residents on account of its fine beaches and good swimming.
Many exotic shrubs adorn its 116 hectares that is also home to a population of giant land tortoises and flying foxes.