DESROCHES: Jewel of the Amirantes  

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This small coralline island is set in a submerged atoll with the same name, some 120 miles south-west of Mahé (at about 1 hour flight).

Situated in the Amirantes Group, Desroches is the only island open to the public in this group of islands.

With its 3½ miles long and its ½ mile wide, Desroches elevates at some 30 metres above the calm turquoise blue waters famed for its abundance of multi-coloured fishes. The lagoon of Desroches is well-sought after for big game fishing.

Surrounded by 70 km of coral reef, Desroches boast a total of 14 km of white sandy beach, providing excellent opportunities for swimming and snorkelling. The discovery of the island is done by bicycle across a world of coconut palms and casuarinas.