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The island of Félicité feature a private island lodge . Located 4km from its neighbour La Digue and in close proximity to the other Ladigue satelltes Such as the Sister islands,Marianne and Ile Cocos Félicité caters exclusively for a maximum of eight guests in two luxury bungalows set against a backdrop of lush vegetation and spectacular, steep granite outcrops.
Félicité’s beautiful beach at La Penice offers marvelous swomming and snorkelling while guests of the island also have access to watersports, fishing and sailing.
Felicité Private Lodge is associated with the La Digue Island Lodge, which handles all catering for this exclusive island paradise
This picturesque and steep granitic island was a coconut plantation up to the 1970’s and supported a population of 50 people.
In the late 19th century, Félicité was home to the Sultan of Perak, one of Seychelles’most colourful exiles who spent 5 years on the island before moving to Mahé, whre he became a popular addition to Seychelles’ society.
More recently, the island has become an up-market lodge offering an exclusive island experience to the likes of British Prime Minister Tony Blair