The islands

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The population of Seychelles is approximately 86000, most of whom live on the main islands of Mahé, Praslin and La Digue. The Seychellois are a mix of the European, African and Asiatic races.The largest portion of the population are mainly of African deccendant, originally being brought to the islands by the French colonialists. A large numbers were also brought to the islands after being freed by the British, after they were rescued from slave ships still operating in the Indian Ocean after the emancipation.

The European contribution was mainly by the French, the first to claim possession and colonise the islands.The British have also had an influence, as have other European passers by. From the orient and Asia came traders, mainly of Indian and Chinese origin.

Creole is the mother tongue spoken  by the Seychellois when conversing between themselves. However the official languages are english, french and creole. Most of the population are therefore bilingual and some trilingual with relatively avery good command of both English and French.

Arriving on the islands nearly one hundred years after the original colonists, the Roman Catholic Church is the most influential religion on the islands. Nearly 95% of the population are Catholics. Other Christain churches include Anglican Protestant and 7th Day Adventists, all of which have places of worship in or near Victoria.
The Hindu and Muslim faiths also have their followings, temples and a Mosque in Victoria.