DENIS : Big Game Fishing Paradise  

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Coralline island of 1.5 km² and at 80km north of Mahé, Denis is situated at the extreme end of the continental shelf and is largely guarded by coral reefs.
Densely covered with coconut palms, the island is encircled by an almost continuous beach with a number of shaded paths through the interior. Denis Island is also a favourite nesting spot for green turtles and sea birds who find refuge on the island every year to lay their eggs.

The island provides excellent sailing, snorkelling and diving but the biggest attraction is game fishing. It has a reputation for big game fishing which includes a number of world records like marlins, sailfish, barracudas, wahoos and dorados.

Denis island is also home to some 50 inhabitants whose lives revolve around the hotel. A lighthouse built in 1910 warns passing ships of the dangers of the shallow banks extending 2 km north of the island.