LA DIGUE: Peaceful and Gentle!!!  

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 LA DIGUE: Peaceful and Gentle!!!  SITES VISITS:

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The fourth largest island in the Seychelles (5km by 3km) and lies 43 kilometres from Mahé and 6 ½ km from Praslin.
La Digue is perhaps the most charming of all the Seychelles islands and is least developed and a firm favorite amongst visitors with stunning beaches, oxcarts and bicycles.
La Digue has still got all the fascination of an untouched world and it has a population with approximately 2000 inhabitants, where the rhythm of local life is relaxed and natural and should be lived as such, the beautiful colonial-style houses surrounded by greenery speak of times gone by.

Nid d’Aigle or Eagle’s Nest mountain rises to about 300 metres and covers almost the whole of the inland. The only lowland is on the west where Anse Reunion, La Passe and Union are situated. There is an extremely long beach with Pointe Cap Barbi to the northwest and Pointe Source d’Argent, backed by huge granite rocks appearing either pink or grey according to the rays of the sun

The best way to visit La Digue is to rent bicycles or ox-carts where on the south west and east coast of the island lies Anse Source d’Argent , Grand Anse, Petite Anse and Anse Coco is a film maker’s and photographers’s dream.
The island of La Digue is an invitation to a timeless paradise, where life has remained unchanged for so many years, surely deserves a longer stay.


Time seems to stand still on La Digue!