PRASLIN: Island of the "Love Nut!"  

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SEYCHELLES as chosen the island of Praslin to present its most pleasing features. Its perceptible and harmonious landscapes have certainly influenced the character of its inhabitants sweetness, gentleness and discretion. Praslin’s genuine treasure, among them the « Vallée de Mai »,are jalously preserved.

This is the last place in the world where the famous coco-de-mer, mischievously called “coco fesse” by Henry de Montfreid - is grown. Everything has been studied to the extent of having the size of jeep used along a network of small but attractive winding roads accordingly limited to avoid adverse effects and the environment.

Praslin’s priorities are twofold, that is to welcome its admirers and remain the “pearl of the Indian Ocean”.
When Lazare Picault landed on Praslin in 1744, he was so impressed by the luxuriant vegetation covering the island, that he named it "Island of Palm". Once a famous hide-out for pirates and Arab merchants, Praslin is today a 44 km² Garden of Eden.

At 15-minutes flight(36 KM) from Mahé and 30 minutes by boat (6KM) to La Digue, Praslin is the second largest island with 7,000 inhabitants mesures 11 kilometres by 4 . Breath-taking coves and beaches abound on this island, amongst them, the famous Anse Lazio, considered as one of the five finest beaches in the world.

Praslin has become the "Gate Way" since the new extension and newly built airport in 2001, it is the perfect base for an island hopping holidays.