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The cuisine, influenced by the many different nations that have come to these islands, is varied and rich.Creole food consists of seafood treated with imagination and flair. Coconuts and lively spices give unusual flavours to such dishes as prawns; octopus, clams, game and smaller fish, while no one knows better than Seychellois how to prepare magical curries. Eating breadfruit, whether as chips; cooked in coconut milk or grilled, is a must as it guarantees a visitors return
Only the freshest of ingredients are used, ensuring food of the highest quality giving a whole new meaning to the concept of "Eating Out"





Menu Price

Bombon Plume Anse Lazio 232 136 Créole 120 RS
Briz Cafétéria Grand Anse 233 454 Fast Food 40 RS
Capricorn Anse Kerlan 233 224 Créole 180 RS
Capri Grand Anse 232 228 Italien/Continental 150 RS
J&P Cafétéria Baie St Anne 232 211 Fast Food 30 RS
La Goulue Anse Volbert 332 232 Poissons 150 RS
Tante Mimi Côte d’Or 232 500 Continentale 350 RS
Steve Snack Shop Grand Anse 233215 creole/fast food 40 RS
Britania Restaurant Grand Anse 233215 creole/Continental 120 RS
Les Rochers La Pointe 233034 creole:poisson 300 RS
Le Laurier Anse Volbert 232241 creole/poisson 120 RS
Berjaya Pizzeria Anse Volbert 232222 creole/pizza 80 RS
Maison des Palmes Restaurant Grand Anse 233411 ContinentaL/Créole 150 RS