PRASLIN: Island of the   

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  • Grand Anse:
    The second most important village of Praslin is characterised by the Independent Monument- a female coco-de-mer encircled by 2 male catkins.
  • Islet St Pierre:
    An islet off the coast of Cote d'Or, the reef around Saint Pierre is a paradise for those who wish close encounters with sea turtles, and a multitude of fishes and other marine life. Daily excursion are organised to the islets from Cote d'Or beach.
  • Vallée de Mai :
    A tropical forest declared " World Heritage " by UNESCO in 1984; the Vallée de Mai is home to the famous coco-de-mer and also to a number of endemic species of palm trees and the rare "black parrot", endemic bird of Seychelles.

    With lots of tiny secluded bays, woods and other enchanting places, Praslin is ideal for exploring on foot.Furthermore the island is covered by a network of paths. Don’t be afraid to take the first path you encounter because the island is so small that it takes under an hour to reach any part of the coast. Naturally one of the most beautiful walks is the one through the Vallee de Mai. But there are other fascinating ones :
  • NO.1 - From Anse kerlan to Anse Georgette or Anse Lazio :
  • NO.2. - From Grand Anse to Anse Boudin :
    At St Joseph in Grand anse you take the pathway leading across the island.About half way along the path you reach the highest point, Grand Fond, at 340 metres. From here you descend once more to Anse Boudin.
  • NO.3 – Crossing the Island :
    At Grand Anse there is a pathway alongside the church that leads inland. When you reach the highest point (after three quarters of an hour walking) turn right at the fork along the so called Salazie Track..The latter will lead you back onto the coastal road near to Fishing Lodge. The whole walk takes about two hours.
  • NO.4 – From Anse Volbert to Anse Matelot :
    Follow the coast eastwards, through Anse Gouvernement (ask at the Hotel L’Archipel for permission to cross this part of the road) until you reach Anse Matelot.
  • NO.5 – From Baie Ste Anne to Petite Anse :
    You walk round Anse Madge and on until you reach Anse Takamaka, and from there on to Petite Anse.
  • NO.6 - From Anse Marie Louise to Baie Ste Anne :
    This walk is a continuation of the previous one. There are two alternatives from Anse Marie Louise: the first is the pathway cutting inland through Fond Ferdinand to Baie St Anne; the second is a small road suitable for vehicles.