MAHE : Capital Island!  

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A few miles from Victoria lies a handful of islands with a colourful history.The islands of St Anne, Ronde, Moyenne and Long fall within the St Anne Marine National Park. This parks was proclaimed in 1973 in an effort to protect the sensitive and diverse marine life surrounding this small group of islands. Daily excursions can be made around these islands where you can experience the underwater world by semi-submersible boats or by snorkelling.
You can also enjoy fantastic creole food at one of the islands restaurant. Please note that all marine life in the Reserves is protected and nothing can be taken away.Glass-botttom boat trips are available on the nearby reefs and excursions can be arranged though your tour operator or travel agent.

Largest of this small group of islands, St Anne, was the site of the first official settlement in the Seychelles by the French. It has a diverse history and has served as a whaling station, fuel and supply depot fro World War Two and more recently it was used by the National Youth Service as part of thier training. St Anne will be soon turned into a 5 Star Resort complexe by the Beachcomber Group Hotels.Swimming, diving and sailing are all allowed and a fifty rupee entrance fee is payable by all non-residents.

Cerf island is 1.7 kilometres long and 900 metres across and lies 5 km from Mahe. The island is named after the frigate 'Le Cerf ' commanded by corneille Nicolas Morphey, who took possession of the Seychelles in the name of the King of France.Cerf is the second largest island of the four islands lying to the east of Mahe. It's sheltered location ensures superb snorkelling, swimming or scuba diving.The island has lush vegetation and a population of giant tortoises and fruit bats.About 40 people live on the island and there are two small chapels one Anglican and one Catholic.Much of the island is privately owned and many of the residents commute to Victoria each day to work.

The island offer a new Plantation Style hotel of 10 bedrooms all overlooking the Marine National Park with all modern facilities included a swimming pool. Boats operating from Marine Charter Association in Victoria, ferry clients to and from the island.

This island is 800 metres long and 300 wide . Nestled between islands where visitors come to enjoy themselves and dine on scrumptious buffets is an island where visitors are offered fewer creature comforts.Long island is also part of St Annee Marine Reserves and is off limits to the public as it houses a prison.
The prisoners farm the land and the island is basically self-sufficient in fruit and vegetable. It is only eight hundred metres long and three hundred metres wide and has lush vegetation.

A small round rocky island with dense vegetation and a beautiful little beach this island has a Restaurant Chez Gaby with an excellent reputation lies off Cerf island and 4.5 kilometres from Mahe. The island which is less than 150 metres in diameter, is the headquaters of the marine park. The whole area is open to under-water exploration.

Moyenne Island is the home of retired newspaperman, Brendon Grimshaw and is open three times a week to the public. The island is only 450 by 250 metres and the northern coastline offers the finest spectacle for underwater exploration, with over a hundred and fifty species of fish have been identified including butterfly fish and red soldiers. The interior is a wealth of fruit trees, mangoes, oranges and bananas. A garden separates an old restored colonial residence from the Jolly Roger Bar and Reastaurant.

Lying on the south-western coast of Mahé, this island is popular for water sports and its open air restaurant, with outside seating under thatch umbrellas offers barbeque and creole cuisine.The island can be accessed by boat from the Berjaya Mahe Beach Hotel or further down the road opposite the church at Port Glaud.
There is excellent snorkelling over a magnificent reef, running most of the lengh of Therese's main beach. Like a large number of the slands in the Seychelles, Therese has its share of legends about pirates treasure.